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Weizman - Before/After

Nominated for

Best Documentary Feature

Director: Willem Baptist

55' • Netherlands • 2021

Dutch, English, Hebrew

Guy Weizman is an Israeli/Moroccan theater director and choreographer leading a group of international performers. His creative struggles come to light while working on his latest project: BEFORE/AFTER. A force of creation and (self) destruction is laid bare, while we see his persona reflected in his art… or is it the other way around? Can the group keep up with Guy’s intuitive way of working? As the influence of the relationship the director has with his mother becomes more apparent, a metaphorical virus slowly comes to life, while in the real world the premiere is threatened with a virus of its own: COVID-19. In a documentary that blurs the lines between performance and reality we see how this threat may or may not be part of his end game. Creating a world from nothing is harder than it seems

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