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Un Mondo In Più *

Nominated for

Best Producer

Director: Luigi Pane

103' • Italy • 2021


Spring 2020. In the middle of pandemic Diego, a Neapolitan boy, has just turned eighteen. He’s called after his father’s idol, Diego Armando Maradona. However, Diego does not love football and does not live in Naples. At least not anymore. Following his mother’s death, Diego moved with his father, Franco, in a suburban’s borough in Rome. Though, he seems to be getting along better with the Africans refugees living in the building next to his than with his new classmates. His days are lonely and introverted until Franco is forced to guest in their house a young girl named Tea. Tea is a rebel, fearful, unbreakable, revolutionary ad unconventional. The forced coexistence that Diego and Tea live will be the boy’s coming of age journey, with the addition of a new Italy covered in mask and its old and new issues. Diego will find out that with fresh eyes he can live another world to live in, the knowledge that line between good and evil, right and wrong, immigrant and resident, winner and won, can be really thin.

*This film will not be screened in the festival but will still compete in the festival

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