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Three Arts in Antarctica

Nominated for

Best Documentary Feature

Director: Bartosz Stróżyński

57' • Poland • 2020


The documentary film "Three Arts in Antarctica" directed by Bartosz Stróżyński is the culmination of the project „Three Arts in Antarctica”. The project was to popularize Antarctica through culture and art. Its participants wanted to arouse interest among the largest possible number of people and inspire them with this place by completing very unique artistic goals. The artists wanted to leave a mark of this unique place. The place which fate, in the nearest future, may determine our existence. The documentary presents the fate of the artists participating in the first ever sailing expedition of Polish artists to Antarctica and their daily struggle in a completely foreign environment with unusual challenges like: the first ever concert of a Polish artist in Antarctica, which could be heard on one of the biggest radio stations in Poland, the first-ever collodion photography session in Antarctica, experiencing and filming the beauty and uniqueness of the local nature, also the one hidden under the surface of the water, in breathtaking interaction with penguins, fur seals, leopard and crabeater seals, and more…

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