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Party - Bad Math (official MV)

Nominated for

Best Music Video

Director: Yuen Kam Shing

4' • Hong Kong • 2020

No Dialogue

A music video of “Party”, by the Hong Kong indie band Bad Math. The song is inspired by the Czech New Wave movie “A Report on the Party and Guests”, depicting how a joyful party is transformed into conformity and oppressions thanks to the unknown authority representatives. Bad Math inherited the irony with their version of interpretation: ‘The only rule of Party is to follow the instructions and enjoy.’ It reminds me of the notable novel “1984” by George Orwell. A party is supposed to be cheerful and enjoyable for everyone. However, when it comes into the Party, it prioritizes a certain group of people’s interests. Once you choose to be benefited from it, your whole life is as well tied to it in order to serve ‘the greater interests’.

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