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It's Not The End of The World

Nominated for

Best Music Video

Marielle Tepper

3' • Czech Republic • 2022

No Dialogue

What will happen to us? What happens when humanity becomes extinct? A new art video by artist Marielle Tepper shows us how the world may look before and after its end. The video illustrates a bleak dystopian future in which corporations have ruled the world and treated people as resources at the expense of their humanity. People work endlessly in closet sized cubicles. A self-destructive and murderous obsession with the sale of happiness in a non-existent earthly paradise has made people slaves to their own absurdity. In this machine all drops of humanity evaporate in the emotional aridity of a boundless desire to be in contact with someone. The image itself becomes a lived reality, the advertising claim (Lets Escape!) its credo. ‘Glitch’ takes on a deeper meaning here, visual distortions becoming an attempt to escape from reality. Is this the real world? What's behind it? Only by exiting do we discover it is a simulation, an image of a world that no longer exists. Welcome to a world where the last fragments of bizarre human gluttony are someone else's virtual entertainment.

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