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An Eternity of You and Me

Nominated for

Best Feature (Documentary)

Sanne This

78' • Denmark • 2022


Albert and Sanne live in a house with their cat Figaro and chickens in the backyard. And more than anything, they dream of having a child. But what should be playful and fun, turns into a struggle filled with schedules, frustrations, and insecurities. As if taken from the myth of Sisyphus, Albert and Sanne roll one stone after another up the side of the mountain, only to see them roll back down just before they reach the top. Sanne wants to talk about her fear and feelings. But the engineer Albert doesn’t know of any reports that proves that it helps to talk about things. 'An Eternity of You and Me' is a musical chamber play told in sweatpants, about relationships, ingrained gender roles and all the dreams you have to bury - or dig up again - once the fox has been around.

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