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Close:Up is a worldwide network of film festivals celebrating and supporting independent filmmaking.

It was founded by HF Productions, a young and international collective of filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first festivals were organised by independent filmmakers yearning for a stronger and more productive sense of community within the industry.



Close:Up Reykjavík Film Festival aims to provide not only a memorable cinematic experience for audiences, but also an enriching festival event for independent filmmakers.


Our main goal is to increase your audience reach and engagement, as well as to further support your development after the festival circuit. We're looking for the most exciting and innovative storytelling in different genres, films that challenge and inspire audiences. Our festival is more than just a screening space - it is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to bridge the gap between audiences and film creators.

You first heard about it in Björk’s music and you first fell in love with it on Instagram, but Iceland is much more than desolate moon-like landscapes and otherworldly music. It’s also home to a vibrant cinematic history (not just Game of Thrones, but Nói Albínói too) and a wild nightlife (when it does get dark!).

The unique Bíó Paradís is the first art house cinema in Iceland. It’s also the only cinema left in the center of Reykjavík and the only cinema that features primarily Icelandic and international independent filmmaking. We feel very proud to celebrate memorable indie filmmaking with Bíó Paradís.


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